Seasons Change

There was a song in the 70’s called “No Time” by the Guess Who.  One of the lines was, “seasons change and so did I”, which always resonated with me, even as a young person.  No matter our age, change is a constant in life.  We age, we collect experiences, we change.

Change can, and often is, unintentional.  I smile when I hear people say they don’t like change or they resist change, because change is like water, it is impossible to resist.  That would suggest that there is change that is intentional (i.e. we control) and change that is unintentional (i.e. aging).

When it comes to our attitudes, preferences, employment, etc., these are areas where we exercise more control over change.  Even in these areas,  sometimes the environment creates circumstances where change is necessary, even if it is not our first choice.  But how we deal with even those types of changes is completely in our control.  We can be happy, angry, bitter, accepting, the list goes on forever.

I would like to suggest that you consider change as a friend that offers you opportunities to learn and grow.  I would also like to suggest that you look at change in terms of how you perceive it.  If it is an enemy, try to make it a friend.  If it is already a friend, you are ahead of the game.

Consider change and look at the positive possibilities that it brings to each of us!

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