Have you ever set a goal, or several goals, and then found that you were not progressing toward those goals?  I think that is something that most of us have encountered in our lives.  One of the issues that I have noticed is that we tend to get stuck in being “stuck”!

Often times, we will refer to feeling like we are stuck and don’t know how to handle it.  What I have noticed is that people are usually not “stuck”, they are avoiding doing what they need to do.  Being stuck implies you don’t know which way to go or what to do and gives us a wonderful “reason” to do nothing!

My suggestion is if you are feeling stuck, ask yourself if you could take any action toward your goal that you are aware of at this moment.  If the answer is yes, then take that action.  If the answer is no, then seek advise to get you moving again.

If you answered yes and a few days pass, but you still haven’t taken any action, even though you know what you could be doing, then the issue is not that you are stuck, it’s that you are scared.  People sometimes set goals and then become fearful of being successful.  We will address that in another blog.

For now, I invite you to determine if you are truly “stuck” or if you may be fearful.  Once you know that, then you have a better idea of what action to take next.

See you next time!

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