Seek and You Shall Find

What are you looking for in your life?  Are you looking for ways to be better?  Looking for ways of completing goals that you have set?  Looking for health and happiness?  Looking for reasons to be unhappy?  Looking at other people more than yourself?

We live a world that has greatly changed in the last 20 years with technology, economy and other areas changing and expanding so rapidly we can hardly keep up.  Some of the change is for the good and some may not be so good, we’ll have to keep an eye out to see how things go.  In this era of technology and information sharing, one thing has remained constant:  what we look for in ourselves and in our lives tends to be what we find.

Are you looking for ways to be happy?  Are you looking for the good in other people?  Are you looking for ways to accomplish things you really want to accomplish in this life?  If you are looking for those things, you tend to find them.  You have be open to finding them and paying attention, because sometimes things come to us in unusual ways.  I have found in my life, when I am open and paying attention, I usually find what I want or need.

On the other hand, if you are looking for reasons why you CAN’T accomplish something, faults in other people or reasons why you are so unhappy, you will find that also.  My question is, why do we look for the things we don’t want instead of focusing on what we DO want?  Positive or negative, what we seek is what we are likely to find!

What are you seeking?


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