One of the keys: Appreciation

People always ask me, as both a counselor and a friend, what are the keys to a happy life?  It’s not one thing, but a few things that we often forget to do. One of the important things to remember is to appreciate everything.

Huh!! How can I appreciate when don’t go well?  This morning, I got up, turned on the shower and several minutes later realized there was no hot water!?!  So I took a very quick cold shower and called my plumber. He came in the morning and by early afternoon, I have hot water!

I appreciate that I have running water, even if it’s not hot. I appreciate that I have a plumber who does a great job and got to me quickly! I appreciate that it could be fixed and didn’t have to be completely replaced.  Sometimes we get so focused on the problems, we forget there’s still an awful lot to appreciate.

I realize it’s sometimes a real challenge to find things to appreciate, and that’s okay. Just try not to stay in that mental/emotional neighborhood for too long. I want to live in the happier neighborhood, but I realize I will visit the unhappy neighborhood on occasion. I just work at not staying there too long!

There are always things to appreciate! If you keep that in mind, you have one of the keys to a happier life!

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