Which Comes First?

Here’s just a short thought, which comes first: do things get better and then we feel better/calmer or do we feel better/calmer and then things get better?  (Newer version of the chicken and the egg scenario.)

I have noticed that when I am feeling good/peaceful/calm, things seem to just flow very easily.  When I am feeling rushed/stressed/upset, things just don’t seem to work very well.  Everything seems harder than it should be.  But what comes first?

I am thinking that when I am able to find a calm, peaceful space, things will still have bumps at times, but overall seem to flow pretty well.  If I allow myself to get upset, then everything changes to the difficult side.  I am at the point of believing that it is how I feel that affects what goes on externally.  I have no real control over externals, but I have all the control over what I feel and how I handle those externals.  Even if something not so great happens, but I am feeling centered/calm/peaceful, it’s not really a big deal and it gets resolved quickly.  I believe the feeling of prosperity/peace/happiness, whatever, precedes things flowing smoothly.  I also believe that when we get out of balance/irritated/fearful, whatever, things just seem to be harder than necessary and those feelings also precede things not flowing smoothly.  When I change how I feel, it appears to change how things are going for me.

In short, the feeling seems to precede things going well or not going well.  Pay attention to how you are feeling and see what is going on around you.  And also pay attention to the idea that if you change how you feel, it appears to change what is going on around you.  Let me know what you find out!

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