Highs and Lows

One of my favorite quotes is from Florence Shinn: “One’s ships come in over a calm sea.”  I love that sentence and I finally understand it.  In life we all have the highs and the lows, but I have started to wonder how much we personally influence our highs and lows.  Further, I have noticed that when I am not too high or low, things seem to flow better in my life.

Here’s my example: recently I was introduced to an opportunity that I didn’t know existed.  So I have pursued that opportunity and I was so excited!! I was really excited!!! And for a few days, I maintained that level of excitement.  Then as is the normal path, I began to come down off the cliff of excitement.  As a matter of fact, I began to come up with reasons to not only let go of being excited, but actually creating reasons to be in a poor mood.  I was pushing myself towards the low end of the emotional spectrum!  Now, since I try to pay close attention to what is going on inside me, I noticed that I was thinking about things that had nothing to do with anything going on at this time, but my brain seemed to be searching out reasons to feel bad.  I immediately sat down and wrote down all the good things going on in my life and asked myself what was going on with me?!?

Human beings are meant to be in balance, not too high or too low.  When I got way up in my excitement level, the system couldn’t maintain it and so it started to create reasons for my mood to come back down to a more balanced place.  But once that descent began, I was keeping it going even after getting back to more balance and my own mind was creating another imbalance, only this time it was heading for the low end of the spectrum.  I am certain this has happened innumerable times in my life, only now I am aware of it and therefore can control it.

It’s perfectly fine to be excited at times and we will have times when we feel a bit down, but it’s up to us to pay attention and not let either of those circumstances get to be too much.  When I feel peace and calm, I notice that things just seem to go well.  When I get too up or too down, things are a struggle.  When I am a “calm sea”, it’s awesome and I allow things to work well.

It’s important to pay attention to being in balance.  We are human and we aren’t going to be in balance all the time, but we can affect how long we are out of balance and we can even impact how far out of balance we allow ourselves to get at any given time.  The key is to be aware and pay attention.  When you notice an imbalance beginning, do whatever works for you to get back in balance.  For me it is meditation and I make a practice of meditating.  For you it may be exercising or being outside.  Whatever it is, just do it and help keep your emotional balance in place as much as possible.


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