Being Clear

It is vitally important to be clear about what we want in life in order to achieve it.  It is also somewhat of a challenge to truly be clear about what we want in life.  Many of us believe that we are clear about our wants/goals.  I was one of those people.  It took me many years to realize that I was only sorta clear about what I wanted.  I had an idea and I would act on it.  Then I would take many winding turns in the journey towards what I “wanted”.  I would get frustrated at times and other times I would take a detour toward another desire/goal that I came upon while heading for the initial goal.  Sometimes, I would even change my mind about the goal I started with in the first place and replace it with a new one. WHEW!

Most of us have experiences similar to mine at times in our lives, and it’s not that anything is wrong.  It’s more a lack of clarity.  When we look at life, we see this huge buffet of options and it can be overwhelming.  (Think 3 year old in a bulk candy store.)  We can be so overwhelmed with all the options that we just pick one and we head in that direction.  Along the way, we will have experiences that lead us in other directions.  Sometimes, we may change paths completely and then we say/think/feel that we “wasted” all that time.  I beg to disagree.

I have a degree in history and that degree taught me some lessons about taking in information and evaluating it that have been great skills as a counselor.  I got more life experience and maturity, which also helped me as a counselor.  Nothing is a waste of time, we just need to see the value in everything we do.  After a few years with my history degree, I returned to school to get my counseling degree and was more ready to be a counselor.  Things work out if we are just patient and pay attention.

Once I was truly clear, things just seemed to fall into place.  And I have heard from many people that they have similar experiences to mine.  When we truly get clear, to the point there’s not room for doubt, then things just fall into place.

How do you know if you are clear?  Well, write down what you want on a piece of paper.  (Write it with your own little hands.  It has more impact that typing or just thinking.)  Then write down WHY you want whatever it is.  Then, leave it for a day or two and review it again.  Would you change anything or leave it just as is?  If you want to make changes, do so and leave it for a day or two and review.  Once you get to the point that you are happy with what you have, as is, then you are pretty clear.

Last thought: remember that 3 year old in the candy store reference?  Even with clarity, we all have the option to change our minds as we go.  The 3 year old may want one thing, then another and another.  It’s ok to do that.  Sometimes remember we get more than just one dream or goal in our lives.  The clearer you are, the more you will accomplish and with less effort.

Go forth with clarity!

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