How many times do we hear people, including ourselves, say something is “just a coincidence”?  I hear it quite often.  I used to say it quite often.  Now I almost never use the word coincidence unless I am discussing someone else’s idea that something is coincidental.

I used to be surprised when things would happen.  It was a happy coincidence or an unusual coincidence or some other type of coincidence.  But several years ago, I began to question if things are truly “coincidental” or if there are patterns that we simply aren’t aware of or don’t pay attention to at the time.  I also began to read about the idea that coincidence is our way of explaining away things we don’t understand.

Most of us go through life paying attention to approximately 10% of what is going on around us.  We can’t pay attention to everything because that would overload our systems, so we block out a great deal of the sensory information that comes our way to pay attention to those things we find important, interesting or necessary in some way.

Then something happens and BOOM, what a coincidence!  But is it?

I want to suggest that you consider the idea that there are no coincidences and that everything that happens has a reason for happening.  We may not always know the reason (we probably don’t most of the time), but what if there IS a reason?

Many people are familiar with synchronicity, the term for things happening in sync with the universe, our life course, etc.  If you believe in synchronicity, then coincidences are not so coincidental and if we look closely at what is happening, we may see some patterns and therefore, some reasons why things happen.  Whew!  This is pretty deep, but really, all I am saying is we need to pay more attention.  More attention to what is going on around us; more attention to what we are thinking and saying and more attention to our feelings.

Try paying more attention and see if you find that things going on in your life are simply coincidence or if there is a pattern.  Most of all, have fun with it!  The more fun and enjoyment we have, the more we get!


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