What do you believe in?  Personally, professionally, spiritually, we all have things that we believe in life.  We have things that we believe are “supposed” to happen and we have lots of scenarios that we believe to be accurate.  Then, life steps in and our beliefs are shaken to the core and we are left wondering what to believe in after the dust settles.

Several years ago, when I lost several people that I loved in fairly rapid succession, I went through a time of wondering what to believe in myself.  How could I believe that my life would ever be good again?  How could God let this happen to me?  What had I done wrong?  When we are in the midst of crisis or tragedy, these are fairly common thoughts and we TEMPORARILY loose our sense of what to believe because we are blindsided and lost.  (Also possibly angry, hurt and scared, among other feelings as well.) And at the time, we are pretty sure that things will never be right again.

Fortunately, I have learned that never isn’t as long as it used to be and things change again.  Life and circumstances do not stay the same as we pass through this journey. My life has gotten good again over time.  Things are always changing, but many changes tend to be somewhat gradual and that makes them easier to adjust to than those changes that are sudden and unexpected, and sometimes the opposite of what we would like to see happen.  When we are suddenly faced with something awful (illness, loss or death, for example), we have a tendency to only see the negative and when we are suddenly faced with something awesome (winning the lottery), we tend to only see the positive.

I have learned over these years that things have both positive and negative within them and we simply don’t see it at first.  When my Dad died after a long illness, I knew he was in a better place and free from pain; but when my 18 year old son died, I had a completely different perspective and yet, over time, I have come to understand that he too is in a better place and free from pain.  Both people I dearly loved died, but how I reacted to it was very different because of my own beliefs.

What I believe in has changed some over the years, but with everything that’s happened, whether I view it to be positive or negative, I still believe that we are here for a reason and I still believe that light beats dark.  We don’t get to have things the same forever and we don’t always get things the way we want them, but I still believe there is something greater than us and that it will all end up okay, even with the negative stuff along the way.

That’s what I believe.  What do you believe?  Namaste!

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