Simplifying the Holidays!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is just around the corner.  Oh, yes and the New Year is right on Christmas’ heels.  So much to do and it seems as if there is simply not enough time to do it!

Or is there?  Perhaps we can actually truly enjoy this holiday season by making a few simple changes.  For example, the financial stress that seems to accompany every holiday season can, in fact, be reduced.  We live in a world where more is…..well, more.  It really isn’t always better, sometimes it truly is just more.  I can remember getting my son just about everything he wanted one year, either from us or Santa.  Add to that the gifts from grandparents or other family members and this kid had hit the jackpot, right?  He was so overwhelmed with it all that he did what I see other kids do to this day; he got the 1 or 2 gifts that meant the most to him and pretty much forgot about the rest.  Make it simpler on them and your budget by getting a few things that are meaningful and STOP!  My family agreed this year to only buy for the kids and not the adults and everyone is having more fun already because there is less stress!

Entertaining is another area of some stress for many people for a variety of reasons.  Too many parties to go to or trying to have parties around all the schedules of your guests can both be maddening and reduce the joy in the holiday.  Pare it down!  Pick a couple of parties to attend (and rotate them from year to year) so you aren’t so busy you don’t have time to enjoy the season.  As for having a holiday party, choose a date and stick with it!  If people can come, they will and if they already have a party, that’s okay!  (For next year:  plan your party before Thanksgiving and send invitations just before or after Thanksgiving.  Many people go where they are invited first, unless it’s the office/company party, which will often take precedence.)  Last word on having a party: keep it simple!  Make it an appetizer party with a few good appetizers and a small, choice selection of beverages.  Simple and inexpensive and people will still have fun!

Try to take some time this year to enjoy the Season and not just have it fly by in a blur!  You can enjoy the Holidays and I wish you the best this holiday season!

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