What Are You Thankful for This Year?

It’s less than 2 weeks until Thanksgiving and it’s time to stop and remember all the good things that have happened and that we have in our lives.  We spend most of the time thinking about what’s wrong or what we don’t have and I believe that that’s not a good use of our time, but let’s face it, we do it anyway.  So let’s set aside some time now to refocus and remember that there is a great deal of good in our lives and give that some of our attention.

I try to write down things that I am grateful for or good things that have happened on a regular basis.  I want to do it nightly, but I am human and I tend to get lax and not do it for several days sometimes.  But when I do put pen to paper and take inventory of all the good things that have happened, I feel better!  It doesn’t change anything negative that actually happened, but it changes my attitude which helps me deal with things better.  I notice that I sleep better also because my mind is racing with all the negatives or worries that often disturb our sleep.

Spend a little time focusing on what you have to be grateful for and see how you feel.  I have written about losing several family members fairly close together several years ago.  I was devastated and for a little while, I wasn’t sure I would ever be grateful again because I wasn’t sure what I would have to grateful for in my life.  Ironically, the way that I got through that pain was to start focusing on what I was grateful for despite the losses.  I had my son for 18 awesome years and I decided to grateful for that instead of just angry or desperately sad at his loss.  And every year since then, I have been grateful for all the people I have lost and that keeps them with me!  I am grateful that I have a home, a job I love, and family and friends.

As we approach this Thanksgiving holiday, try to look at what you do have and not focus so much on what you don’t have and see if it doesn’t make the holiday a bit more meaningful!

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