Self-care is Important, Especially This Time of Year

Do you tend to put your clients, family, job, etc. before yourself?  While that’s an honorable idea, it doesn’t work in reality.  If you are always giving to others, taking care of others and not yourself, eventually you will not have much to give to anyone!  And as we are entering the holiday season, it gets worse for many people.  We add preparing for big meals, get-togethers and guests to an already loaded schedule.  It’s important to remember to take care of yourself in order to enjoy the season rather than dreading it.

It doesn’t require a ton of time, or even money, to care for yourself.  Meditate, spend time on a hobby, give yourself a treat.  Small things add up to big dividends!  While this is true all the time, it is especially true at this time of year.  People get so overloaded during the holiday season that they tend to get cranky, irritable and depressed or anxious instead of feeling happiness and joy.  This makes it imperative to make sure we take care of ourselves!  This should be the time of year that we are celebrating all that we have and enjoying time with family and friends.  The time when we should be focused on people, not stuff and focused on the good things in life (including health, having a place to live, etc.; not just material items).

My family decided this year to only buy gifts for the children and focus on spending time together and having family meals instead of buying things we either a) don’t need or b) can get for ourselves.  There was an immediate sense of relief and we are looking forward to the holidays more than usual! (And this is always my favorite time of year!)

If you want to be the best person/professional you can be, then make sure you give yourself some much needed time and care during this busy holiday season.  You will feel better and enjoy the holidays more.  Namaste!

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