Last Word on Balance

One more thought on balance:  how do we achieve it?  Well, it takes a little effort and some attention to the details of our life.  First of all, consider this an experiment that will take a week or so and then you can decide if you want to continue it.

Sit down tonight and put pen to paper and look at how your day went today, make a few notes.  Then look at how you see your average day and make a few notes.  Compare today with how you see an average day.  What do you see?  Where are your time, energy and money going?

Now, for the next 5-7 days, each night make a few notes.  At the end of your 5-7 days, compare those notes with the original notes you wrote on day 1.  Once again, note where your time, energy and money are going and I bet you will see areas that you can create balance with ease!  I bet there are things going on that you simply have gotten so used to that you don’t even notice it anymore!  But if you take a few minutes for a few nights and write some things down, you now have the information that you need to put more balance into your life.

Simple, isn’t it?  Easy, well that depends on you.  If you decide that this is an easy task and you decide to follow through, then it will be easy.  If you decide that this is a waste of time or that your findings won’t work anyway, then it will not be easy.  We get to make the choice of easy or not easy, but it is truly simple.

Go ahead….give it a try!  What have you got to lose other than being out of balance?  When we are in balance, life is so much easier and happier, so I wish you balance, ease and happiness!

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