Healthy Balance

One of the best ways to improve and maintain our health (physical and mental/emotional) is to make sure that we have balance in our life and in our diet.  (Diet as in what you normally eat and drink.)  The more balance we have, the better we feel in all areas.

In the eating department, balance out the foods that are nutritionally what you need and support good health (healthy fats, complex carbs, a variety of fruits and vegetables) with those things that you really love as a treat. (For me, cheesecake! Or pie!)  When I was growing up, we ate some protein and some vegetables at every meal and we had dessert a couple times a week, which made it special and even more enjoyable because it wasn’t all the time.  If we eat in moderation and make some things for special times or as an occasional treat, it’s ok.  It’s when we are fast-food/processed food for every meal and eating sweets all the time that we run into some real problems!  Take stock (get it…stock…:-) of your diet and see where you can make some simple alterations to help yourself be more in balance and therefore, healthier with limited effort.

In the physical department, we need to balance out being sedentary with moving more.  Many people have sedentary jobs now days and we spend a great deal of time sitting.  Then we find that we are really tired after work and we sit down in front of the tv or computer, whatever device, and we spend more time being sedentary.  If we move more and make an effort to move throughout the day, you will probably find that you aren’t as tired at the end of the day.  During the day, I go up and down the stairs at my office periodically to get my legs moving and my heart pumping.  I try to take a walk at lunch or in the evening.  The more I move, the better I feel.  Balance the sitting with movement and you will find you have more energy and, again, feel better!

Balance is one of the keys to being a happier and healthier human being!

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