Balance In Money

When we talk about money, it can be a difficult conversation for some people.  Most people feel they don’t have enough money and people who have enough money tend to worry about losing that money.  I have never met anyone who didn’t want more money.  Money is more than just printed paper, it is a representation of many things including emotions, security and freedom.

When I am talking about balance with money, I am talking about two aspects in particular: balance in our attitudes about money and balance in how we use money.

One of this issues that people have with money is debt.  Everyone has bills, but not everyone has debt.  Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to pay cash for a house or a car, but that’s not the majority, so most of us have some debt.  The key is to have balance in that debt.  Don’t let the debt grow to a point of being out of balance with your income.  That’s when we start to feel fear or trapped and worry that the balance is going to topple over and it won’t be good.  The balance issue is not whether you have debt or not, it’s how much debt you’ve taken on and have to address. Also remember that debt can be reduced and eliminated if you put your focus on accomplishing that.  It’s easy to get out of balance but it’s also easy to get back in balance with a little effort.

Always saving and not enjoying life is another way that we get out of balance with money.  Some people work hard and save their entire lives in order to enjoy their retirement.  That is not a bad concept, but I know so many people who worked, didn’t enjoy the journey along the way and ended up dying or becoming infirmed right after they retired and had money, but didn’t get to enjoy it.  I am not saying you shouldn’t plan ahead.  I am saying that you shouldn’t forget to use money to enjoy things today, not just in the future.  Balance here is very important.

The last thing about balance and money is attitude.  I know people who hold the old saying “money is root of all evil” which isn’t really accurate.  The saying should be “Love of money is the root of all evil” which has a completely different meaning.  It’s okay to have a good attitude about having money because you can do a lot more good in the world with money than without it.  You can take better care of your family and yourself.  You feel more like giving because you know you can.  I encourage you to take a good look at how you feel about money.  If you have a negative attitude about it, it will be hard to have what you don’t feel good about.   Keep balance in mind whenever you are spending or saving and you will end up in a good financial place!

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