The Importance of Balance

So how important is balance, really?  I am here to tell you it is vitally important to all aspects of life.  And I am NOT overstating for effect!

I am a counselor and I teach meditation.  I have been, a daughter, teacher, wife, mother, friend, employee, employer, and so on.  This is a short list that could be much longer and if you really look at all the things you are in your life, it is almost a staggering list.  In each and every one of those, balance, or the lack thereof, has played a role.  Oh yes, and balance plays a role in our health also, but more on that a little later.

Let me focus on just one item and I’ll let you generalize to the other aspects of life.  Friendship is the area that I will look at here.  I think you will find that the concepts apply to other relationships as well.  If you are friends with someone, you have certain expectations and beliefs that you carry with you regarding what that means.  And so do all the people you consider friends.  Now let’s say that you are always doing things for your friends, but you won’t let them do the same for you.  After a while, you may start to notice that you are viewing these relationships a little differently and they are viewing them differently also.  Suddenly, the relationship changes and you are left wondering what happened.  This will also happen if you don’t do things for others, but allow them to do for you.  This affects the balance in the relationship and when a relationship is out of balance for awhile, it damages the relationship.  People start to feel that they are on a different level than their friend and this is not conducive to a healthy relationship.  This same effect can be seen in any type of personal relationship.  Balance is essential to any good, long-term relationship.

This is a topic that is important enough that I am going to look at a couple more areas where balance is not just important, it is imperative, in additional blogs.

I invite you to look at your relationships and ask yourself, “Am I doing too much or too little?  Are they doing too much or too little?”  If you can pay attention and keep the balance in your life and your relationships, then you will find that you have healthier relationships and a healthier life in general!

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