Patience People, Patience

Why are we all in such a hurry?  In relationships, in professions, in life, what is the rush?  When we are in such a hurry, we tend to have less patience and patience is important.

I will be going into a building and the person in front of me is in such a hurry that they don’t even look around, they just walk in and let the door shut in front of me.  I see people in my office that are in a hurry to find the next relationship when the current one ends.  I also see people racing to get married when they get into a new relationship.  I find myself asking people (including myself), what’s the rush?  What happened to patience?

Patience is a quality of being willing to take it slow and being able to handle frustration without getting angry.  Patience doesn’t mean that we don’t care or that we don’t want to accomplish a great deal in our life.  What it means is that we care about the quality of our life and we want things that work well, not just take whatever comes along.

Let’s look at relationships, for example.  A person gets out of a relationship and immediately starts looking for the next relationship.  They haven’t taken any time to figure out what went wrong or what they really want in the next relationship, they just jump into whatever relationship comes along.  Sometimes they go so far as to marry the first person that comes along to marry.   Then, in a relatively short time, they are regretting the relationship and don’t seem to understand what happened.  Yet, if they had been patient and taken the time to heal their own heart and gotten to know the other person better, things would probably be different.

It’s the same thing professionally.  We are looking for a change or we are in between jobs, so we jump at the first job that doesn’t sound horrible that comes along.  Now we get into the job and we discover things we don’t like or aren’t comfortable with and now we have an obligation that we have to decide how we are going to handle.  Are we going to jump from job to job or are we going to go back to the drawing board and determine what we want in a job and wait until we find one that meets those desires?  Had we used some patience on the front end, we may already have the job we desire instead of another decision to make.

Patience is a great quality to develop.  You don’t just have it, you can develop it.  It just takes some willingness to wait and not rush.  You can practice learning patience by doing things you find somewhat frustrating and staying with it.  When we can use patience to deal with frustration, we maintain a clear head and make much better decisions.  Try a little patience, people!  You’ll find it’s worth the effort.

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