Time, Oh Give Me Time!

One of the complaints I hear all the time is that people don’t have enough time.  I find it interesting because we all have exactly the same amount of time each hour, day, month, year; you get the idea.  Some people seem to accomplish so much and still seem to have time for themselves, their families and friends and feel pretty good.  So what’s the secret?

The secret is simple (and not really a secret):  Use the time you have to your own advantage.  It should not take some kind of a personal crisis to realize that we need to make the most of every moment/day that we have and not just wait to do the things we want to do.

My Dad used to say, “If you wait for other people to do something, you’ll never do it.”  I didn’t appreciate the value of that statement until I was older, but I certainly got it.  We are all on our own paths and we need to tend to those paths.  There will be people along the way that will help us in some way and some will travel along with us, but ultimately, it is our path and our life and we need to make the trip the best one possible for us.

If you read my post on lists, you may recall that I am a list aficionado and I find they help me to stay focused and get things accomplished in an organized and timely manner.  Once I figured out a system that works for me, I started getting more done in less time and that allows me to feel good about my accomplishments and have more time to do things I want to do.

Time is precious and when it is gone, we cannot get it back.  That’s okay as long as we make the most of the time we have.  Be mindful of your time and how you are using it.  Be mindful of making decisions that are thoughtful and you feel good about.  Allow time to be your friend and not your enemy!  Last words on time:  appreciate the time you have!

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