Don’t Forget the Details

As we are going through life, making plans and hopefully executing those plans, it is incredibly important to pay attention to the details.  It is vital that we know what the details are if we really want what we think we want.

When you are making plans for a vacation, what details do you omit?  We plan routes, dates, places, times, sometimes even the food we want to eat.  Yet when we are planning our lives, we tend to look at the big picture, but leave out the details and they are so very important.

Let’s say you ask for a certain job and then you get it!  Congratulations!  And you start off with great hopes and expectations.  Then you start to notice that there are aspects of this job that you don’t want to do or didn’t expect or you aren’t really making the money you thought you would be making.  When we are just starting out, we may not enough information on a particular job to be too specific, but we can always be clear about things like how much money we want to make, what we are/aren’t willing to do (I’m not willing to be unethical for any employer), and what kind of an environment we want to work in (need a window or is a cubicle fine?)

Now, I totally understand that in any aspect of life, especially employment, there are some things that we may have to do that we don’t really care for but are a necessary part of the job.  But, I’m suggesting that you be clear about certain aspects of a job that are important to you.  Do you want a job with more autonomy or that is more specific in the requirements? (Example: flexible hours vs set hours)  Do you want to be sitting at a desk/computer or do you want to be around people and moving around?  There are aspects of our jobs that we can control if we know what it is we would like.

The same is true for where we live, what kind of car/house we have, and pretty much every other aspect of our lives.  Architects pay enormous attention to the details and I submit that since this life is ours and we are responsible for it, we too should be paying attention to the details and be clear about what we truly want to create as we go.

The best news is that we can always make adjustments to the plan.  As we gain more experience, we can be even more detailed.  Don’t forget to be flexible along the way, but as we pay attention and become more detail oriented, we may find that we really enjoy our lives and feel happy that we have created a life we desire and enjoy.

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