Being an Architect

All my life, I have heard that we are all the “architects of our own lives” and while I understood that saying at a surface level, it has only been more recently that I believe I am truly understanding it in a meaningful way, at least for myself.

Take a quick look at the picture with this post.  Architects do very detailed plans, down to the last detail.  Everything must fit and everything must work together in order for the plan to come together.  They spend hours developing carefully laid out plans and they also may come up with some alternatives to the original plan in case changes are needed for any reason.

When we are “drawing up plans” for our lives, how much time do we actually spend on those plans?  How much detail do we put in our plans?  While an architect starts with an idea and a blank sheet of paper, we start out with an idea and a blank canvas of time to fill.  I propose being the architect of life is tougher than being an architect of buildings in many ways, but I realize that both pose a number of challenges along the way.

One thing to consider is that architects have a great deal of training in order to excel at their craft.  Human beings also need a great deal of training in order to excel at their craft, life!  When we are young children through high school, we are getting our entry level education to life.  When we are graduating from high school, we are moving on to the next level of education in more ways than just college.  We are getting new experiences on which to continue to develop “our plan” for our life.  And, just like in an architect’s blueprints, we, too, can erase lines and add new details to the plan as we go along.

I am going to devote a couple of posts to this idea of being the “architect” of our lives because it is important to look at all the possibilities we may be missing when we could, at any point, develop a wonderful creation that we get to live.  Think about this, do you think you have drawn a good enough blueprint for your life at this point?  What changes would you like to make, if any?  Let’s continue this discussion next time after we consider those questions.

Have a wonderful day!

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