Random Acts of Kindness

As the world seems to get more and more out of balance, it is very important to remember things that help to get it back in balance.  One of those concepts is kindness.  T

To be kind is to be gentle with others.  To be kind is to be thoughtful of others.  To be kind is to be accepting of others.  To be kind is to help others along their way without judgment.

I have had people complaining that common courtesy/manners seem to have disappeared right along with common sense.  I disagree with that assessment.  I believe that we have just forgotten to use those manners and good sense and a good route to returning to manners and common sense is to begin by practicing kindness.

Be kind to others, of course, but don’t forget to be kind to yourself.  Do something randomly kind for yourself today.  When we remember that we are as important as anybody else and we take better care of ourselves, it is much easier to be kinder to other people.

So, our word for the day is KINDNESS.  Practice random acts of kindness on yourself and others for the next few days and see how you feel.  See how others respond.  You might find that it can make a world of difference!

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  1. Awe that looks like my kitty! ❤


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