What Can 1 Penny Do?

I have heard people say for years that we should get rid of pennies because they just are worth much.  And for a time, I agreed with that sentiment.  But in the past year or so, I have changed my opinion on this subject.  I no longer agree with the idea that we should get rid of the penny because it isn’t worth much.  I have come to realize that the penny is, in a way, a analogy for people.  I have also heard it said that 1 person cannot really do much or accomplish much by themselves and it occurred to me that it is analogous to our attitude toward the humble penny.

One penny, alone, may not have a huge impact in the world of spending, but they make a big difference when it comes to paying sales tax.  Have you ever needed a penny or two at check-out and been grateful that there was a penny cup there to help you out?  Another thing we don’t always think about is that if you hang on to your pennies and save them, they can amount to a lot of money over time.  It’s just a little at a time, but it still adds up.  In the world of business, they appreciate our pennies and our dollars.  Many people in business will save the first dollar they made and put it in a frame.  That dollar is easier to frame than the 100 pennies it represents, but it is still worth 100 pennies.  The penny is a pretty big player when you really think about it.

One person by themselves can have an impact on others and on society, but when they get together with other people, that impact increases geometrically.  We may only be one person, but we have impact and with others we increase our impact.  Just like the penny, one person can be a pretty big player in the scheme of things.

Don’t underestimate the power of one penny or one person.  Keep in mind that as long as we have a penny, we aren’t totally broke and as long as we have one friend/family member, we aren’t really alone.  Sometimes we just need to remember to be thankful for that one and over time, we will find that it starts with one and then it increases, whether it’s money or relationships.

Have a wonderful day!


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