Fall is Calming (er..Coming)

I love Fall.  It is just about my favorite season, but that’s kinda like choosing a favorite kid.  I love them all, but fall is special.  I love the colors of fall and the feel of fall.  The crisp mornings and warm days.  The fall holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving.  School is back in session and while some like that and others don’t, they do like the football games and homecomings.  And for me, fall is a time when things are becoming more calm.

Fall really demonstrates change in a tangible and visual way.  We see the beautiful colors of things getting ready to rest and it reminds me that we need to pay attention to what nature is showing us.  In the fall, things seem to be more peaceful and calm.  The busyness that can come with summer, seems to slow down a bit and we need to have times when we slow down also.

I love to be outside when the weather is so moderate.  It’s more fun to go for walks when it’s not so humid I can’t breathe.  It’s nice to go to the park with a carmel apple and visit a friend or spend time with family.  Fall has many good qualities, including the harvest.  This is the season when the fruits of people’s labor come to fruition and we are reminded to be grateful.

So don’t rue the end of summer, welcome fall!  Summer will be back soon and this is the season for us to slow down and remember to be grateful for all the things that fall brings!

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