Contribute/Donate Something

I know, I know, there is always some group on television asking for money.  There are letters in the mail asking for money.  There are people on the phone asking for money.  It’s everywhere!  And the marketing aspect of supporting good causes can sometimes cause us to want to avoid the very behavior they are asking for, contributing or donating.

I believe that we all need to give back to society.  It doesn’t have to be money.  We can donate clothing or other items to a local charity.  We can contribute time to a homeless shelter or a no-kill animal shelter.  We can help with a particular charity that speaks to us on some level.

Face it, we can’t give to everyone all the time, no matter how deserving a cause may be.  But instead of not giving anything to anyone, what if you picked one or two causes that you want to support and focused on those?  It can be a national charity or a local cause.  It doesn’t matter if it’s time, services or money.  When we give, we get a great feeling of being part of a solution.  We understand that we are contributing to the improvement of something or someone.

When my son and his father both died, I decided I wanted to do something in their honor that would help others.  (They both strongly believed in giving to others!  I was so proud that they were my family.)  I recently took some of my own money and started a scholarship fund.  Some of my friends are going to help me and I am hoping this scholarship will help many people over many years.  I also contribute what I can afford each month to a charity that has particular meaning to me.  These are small steps, but when those small steps add up, we can feel good about being part of something bigger than ourselves.

So contribute or donate or do something to be part of making the world we live in a better place!  Thank you!

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