Try Sharing Praise Today, or Tomorrow

I am not sure how this happened (although I have some ideas, I will resist sharing them at this moment), but somewhere people got the idea that sharing praise was a bad idea.  That it was expected that people should do their best and do a good job and to praise them for it wasn’t really necessary.  Some people don’t even think it’s a good idea!

Well, as a person, parent and a counselor (for almost 3 decades), I am here to say that giving praise, where it’s due, is a great thing to do for others!  When someone works hard on a project, they should get some praise or credit for their efforts.  When people, of any age, give it their all and no one acknowledges it, then why should they keep doing it?  Trust me, a paycheck by itself, really isn’t enough!  And teenagers, when they are really trying and doing more than just show up, it should be praised, unless you don’t want to encourage that behavior.  And why, pray tell, would you NOT want to encourage that behavior?

Today is a short and easy essay.  Find someone and show them some praise.  Tell your server (waitress or waiter) that they did a good job (if they did, of course).  Tell the mail carrier or the checkout clerk that they did a good job, or that you appreciate what they do.  You will feel good and so will they!  You may be the only person in the day to give them some praise or acknowledgement.  Funny thing is, when you give praise to others just because you want to, you will find that people will start to give you praise you aren’t expecting!  And it feels good when it happens.

Keep in mind, the praise must be earned in some way.  You don’t get praise for doing things halfheartedly.  You don’t get praise for just showing up.  You get praise for effort!  Praise must be earned.  It’s really that simple.  We all need a little praise some times, so start the ball rolling!  Find someone today or tomorrow or many days that you can genuinely give praise to and do it!  You’ll be surprised what happens if you make this a habit!

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