The Results are In!

My 1st level experiment about doing what I want, when I want for a 2 week period has concluded.  Here are the results:

  1.  Two weeks was a great start, but I don’t think it was long enough to really get the most out of it.  The first several days, I was on autopilot and was just doing things out of habit.  By the last 4-5 days, I was being more intentional in what I was doing.
  2. I found that I had some difficulty distinguishing between what I “wanted” to do and what I thought I “needed” to do.  I found it very interesting that when I was left to my own devices (no schedule or obligations), I was pretty lost at first.
  3. I found that I do a great deal of what I want to do most of the time anyway!  I found that when I let go of the being obligated to do anything, much of what I do I either enjoy doing or really don’t mind that much.  Many of the things I chose to do were things I already do, although perhaps not as much because of my schedule and obligations.  ( For example, I meditate regularly, but I found that I was meditating more when I had the opportunity.)
  4. I learned how much we are influenced by what society or “others” think we should or shouldn’t do.  Some people were supportive, some people were condescending, and some people were downright against this whole idea!!  I was repeating things I heard from others in my own head the first week, in particular.  By the second week, I had pretty well let go of all of that, but I did recognize that I was initially influenced by others thoughts.
  5. If I choose to try it again for a longer time, I will probably not share it with anybody in advance and see if that makes any difference.

I believe that life should be lived to the fullest.  Many people agree with me, although most of us aren’t really sure exactly what that means.  I believe my fullest may be different than your fullest.  My fullest includes watching baseball games, in person or on tv, while that might not mean much to you.  Your fullest may include camping out in nature as often as possible, but that has limited appeal to me.  I’m more of a “let’s go hiking and then back to the hotel” type.  Doing only what we want has different meanings to different people, and those differences are what make life interesting.

What is living life to the fullest to you?  If you did the same experiment, what do you think you might learn?

My life is a grand experiment and I have chosen to learn as much as I can so I can share with others or encourage others or, maybe even, inspire others.  Go out there and have some fun with your life!

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