Changes and Challenges

Life is…..always changing!  I’m sure most of us are familiar with the phrase “the only constant in life is change.”  Children know that change is happening all the time.  If you’ve had children, they are always asking to be measured to see how much they’ve grown, although it may not be much if you measured them yesterday, they know it is coming.  Even teenagers are aware that change is happening all the time. Recently, the teens I have talked with expressed some fear of change; for that matter many of the adults I have talked with have expressed fear of change.  I used to be terrified of change, and then I changed!

Changes in life are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they are bad/negative.  For some reason, many people equate change with something negative.  When we are faced with knowing that something is going to change in our lives, we tend to get nervous on the low end of the spectrum and terrified on the high end of the spectrum.  You get word that somethings are going to change at your company and you immediately think…….a)  I’m going to lose my job or b) I’m getting a promotion.  Which one is your 1st choice?  Now, it might not be either of those options because in today’s ever changing economy, it could be asking you to take a pay cut or give up a benefit or it could be the company’s growing and needs you to consider relocating to be part of that growth.  It COULD be anything, but until you get the final word, what do you think first?

I used to always consider the worst option first.  I would fret and worry and then whatever happened, I was prepared, right?  Wrong!  All it did was cause me stress and feeling bad and if it was good, I felt silly for feeling the way I did and if I was right that it was a negative, well, I still felt awful!  All I did was extend the time I felt bad.  What’s the purpose in that?

So, sometime back, I decided to change my attitude about change.  Change is going to happen, with or without our permission and input.  Knowing this, I decided I wanted to see if I could have some influence over the change that I experienced.  So I began to invite change.  I began to create change on my own initiative.  And over time, change wasn’t so scary after all.  Even the change that came from outside of my choice (being downsized from a job) was ok.  I didn’t like it, but I decided to find something good in that change.  It helped me to do some things I had toyed with doing, but was afraid to try.  When the downsize occurred, I had the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl;  I didn’t have anything to lose.  And it has worked out awesomely over the last many years.

With change, there are challenges, but we can decide to be beaten up by those challenges or we can see opportunity in those challenges.  We can have a great deal of input on the change in our life and those changes that we don’t choose for ourselves,  well, we can still choose how we respond to them!

Try making friends with change and it will positively change your life!

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