Last words on relationships, for now!

We can talk about relationships for years and not cover everything everyone would like to cover.  I will revisit this topic in the future, but for now, here are a few closing thoughts on this topic to consider and play with, if you so choose.

Remember that the relationship with yourself is a primary relationship and the better you take care of that relationship, the better your other relationships will be.

Everyone doesn’t want to be treated the same and we need to be clear about how we want to be treated in any relationship and we need to pay attention to how others want to be treated, and treat them that way.  Often, we treat other people they way WE want to be treated and it doesn’t work to well (unless they happen to want the same treatment we do, which is rare).  Be clear what you want and be clear about they want and things will go more smoothly.

Be accepting of the differences.  We don’t all have to the same and it would be pretty boring if we were!  Allow others to different from you and respect those differences.  You can also expect the same from them (respecting you as you are).

Be sure the lines of communication are open and that you are actually hearing what others are saying.  Be equally attentive to being sure that what you are communicating is being understood.  Keep in mind that understanding each other doesn’t necessitate agreeing with each other!  These are two different concepts.

Unconditional love is important, for yourself and others.  Don’t confuse unconditional love with accepting or liking everything someone does.  It simply means that you love the person (including yourself) even when your not happy with something that is happening.

Final word, relationships are an important part of our lives.  The better the relationship you have with yourself and others, the happier life you will have!

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