The Four Agreements Have No End

Each time I have read this book, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, I have come away with something a little different.  I chose to blog about this book because I have read it many times over the last several years and it still gives me something new to  ponder.

Human beings are emotional critters with a capacity for logic.  I have been saying that for many years because I see example after example of this in my counseling practice.  I love my clients, but sometimes they make me sad because they are unwilling, or believe they cannot, change the things that would help them live happier, and therefore more productive, lives.

When I see people act out of fear and then try to logic their decisions through rationalization, that they then convince themselves is true; I can only hope that things turn out for them the way they think they want it to be in their lives.  Sometimes we get exactly what we are asking for and then we realize that this is NOT what we really wanted. (Personally, I believe we always get what we are asking for because I don’t think we pay enough attention to what we are saying and thinking!)

If we use our words impeccably, learn to not take anything personally, stop making assumptions and always do our best, life gets so much easier.  We feel better about ourselves and others and this, in turn, improves the condition of our life in general.  These agreements are simple in wording, but difficult in practice because we haven’t been practicing them from the start. It is never too late to start, it just gets more challenging as we get older and have more stuff to unlearn.

We don’t have to be perfect in these agreements, we will see results even from being more aware and trying them.  We are human and we are always changing.  Let’s try to be more aware and guide our changes in a direction that helps us all.

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