Always Do Your Best

The 4th agreement is about always doing your best.  Sometimes when I sit down to blog, the picture above is a good example of how I am feeling!  Some days, I can write and rewrite and still not be happy with the outcome.  But when I remind myself of this last of the 4 agreements, I find that I am able to relax and it turns out just fine!

I think we get some preconceived idea about what our best is supposed to be.  And we are supposed to be that way 100% of the time.  Where did those ideas come from and why are we feeling that we agree with them?  A friend of mine put it best recently when she said that we are “trained to believe things from an early age and we carry it forward”.  In the book, the author refers to this as “domestication”.  In another book I read, that author referred to it as “soul sleep”.  Instead of listening to what is inside of ourselves, we adopt the information that we get from others, starting the day we are born, and we keep getting information and trying to make it all fit.  Wears me out just thinking about it!

What if we began to understand that doing our best will mean different things at different times and in different circumstances?  My best in what I am doing in my office will not equate to my best when I am learning some new skill or technique.  My best today may not equate to my best tomorrow (or even tonight, for that matter).  What is your best is what you have to give at any given time and it will not always be the same.

There is no single yardstick measurement for what YOUR best is.  You always know if you’re giving something the best you have at that time or if your not.  The point is to try to give your best all the time while understanding that the “best” you have will not always be the same.

Think about this:  if at the end of most days you truly felt you had given your best that day, even if it wasn’t exactly what you wanted, would you be able to be a little kinder to yourself?  Would you be a little less critical of yourself?  My guess is that we could all stand to be a little kinder and less critical of ourselves.

So each day, make the intention to do your best that day, in those circumstances and let it be good enough.  See if you don’t start to feel some subtle shifts over a week or 2 and if that doesn’t feel better!

Have a wonderful day!

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