Endings = Beginnings

We are always faced with endings.  Throughout our lives, we experience ending after ending, but if you think about it, that’s not a bad thing.  Because it also allows to experience beginning after  beginning.

It’s the month where schools are nearing their end and graduation season is beginning.  For some this is a time of great joy and excitement while for others it is a time of uncertainty and maybe even fear.  What now?

Some people fear endings because it is what is familiar, what we are used to doing or having and there is some trepidation associated with an ending.  But what if we turned that around and focused more on the idea of new beginnings?  No one seems to fear the end of winter which is the beginning of spring.  How do we know that each beginning we have isn’t our version of the next spring in our lives?

Life is a big buffet table of opportunities and experiences.  As we graduate from high school or college we join that world of opportunity and for some it is exciting and fun.  I propose that this is how it is supposed to be, fun!  We can try many things and go many places.  We can find a job we enjoy and settle down and have a good life without going anywhere.

The secret is simple:  Live your life the way YOU choose to live it!  Don’t live to make someone else happy because it is not your job and it isn’t even all that possible.  We get to choose if we are happy or not, so someone else can have an influence, but they can’t make us feel anything.  Conversely, we can’t make other people feel any certain way either.  So live the life you want to live because it’s the one you have and the one you are responsible for living.

It’s the same situation when we change jobs, change locations (move to a new place), change relationships or change our life course.  It’s always an ending with a new beginning!  So look forward, not backward and enjoy your life, whatever that means to you!

Congratulations and Good Luck on new ventures and adventures.

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