Last Word on Words

One last thought before I move on to the next agreement.  I tried this last week and I was ok with the results, but definitely recognize I need to keep working on this myself.  How often do people speak without really considering how the person receiving those words will interpret them?  My guess is it’s quite often!

I made a comment to someone last week, who also runs a business, about payment methods and rates because we were discussing that topic.  A little while later, I received a text asking if this person was the subject of an example I gave in our conversation and apologizing if it was them!  I was floored, totally floored.  It had nothing to do with that person, it was regarding the topic of conversation and I didn’t really think about it before I said it.  But it reminded me that we need to be very aware of what we are saying.

Our words are so much more powerful than we give them credit for being, probably because we don’t give ourselves enough credit.  When we say something, we are completely aware of what we mean by the words we use.  We are completely Unaware of how the Other Person is interpreting those words.  Sometimes, it is important to make sure that you are choosing your words correctly and careful (that just means pay attention) and maybe even checking in to see if your message was received as intended.

Don’t just say, “You know what I mean?” because our egos will say “yes” even if that isn’t accurate.  You may inquire if they agree or how they see the same issue and this would give you more information on how it was received.  We can only be responsible for what and how we transmit, not how it is received and interpreted, so we must take good care of what is sent!

I encourage you to take 1 day and really pay attention to your transmissions (words) and see if you notice anything.  Also pay attention to the receivers and see if you’re being understood the way you want to be understood.

Next week we will discuss not taking anything personally!  Have a great one!

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