Do We Use Words to Help or Hurt?

So how do you find that you are using your words?  Are you using them in kind and thoughtful ways or are you using them in other ways more than you would like?

If we change how we use our words, we will also change how we feel about ourselves, others and even situations.  Let me give you an example from my own life.  As you know, my primary job is as a counselor.  A few years ago, I quit doing custody/visitation cases because it was literally making me sick.  I would stress out over what was going to happen because I was always worried about the children who have little to no power in these situations.  Recently, I was asked to see a young person who had mentioned suicide and there was a custody/visitation case at the time.

Well, I agreed to take the case to see how it would be and how the personal changes I have made would influence my handling of the case (would I still lose sleep and feel sick most of the time).  Well, initially, I did have a couple of nights where I didn’t sleep well and I wasn’t hungry and I started to get angry with myself for taking this case.  Then I meditated on it a little bit and started changing my language around this matter.

I started to see it as an opportunity instead of an obligation.  I looked at what I could do to give the minor some coping skills regardless of the outcome of the case.  I released any other responsibility.  I literally changed my language around this matter and it helped change my attitude.

In the beginning, I was being judgmental and not at all impeccable in my self-talk.  It is just as important to be impeccable in how you talk to yourself as it is in how you talk to others.

Do you have a situation that could be changed if you used language impeccably about it?  Try it out and see if you have the same result I had!

Good luck!  See you later!

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