We’re Almost at the Finish Line

This is week 4.  Where did the time go?  It always seems to go quickly when we are focused on an activity or looking forward to something coming up.

This week, the last activity for this session, is borrowed from Catherine Behan’s experiment that I discussed last week.  I want you to try to go for 7 days without any complaining, griping or engaging in negative discussions.  Pay attention and at the end of each day, keep some short notes about how many times you caught yourself being negative and how many times you were able to successfully avoid whining/griping/complaining.  I believe that you will find that you engage in more negative talking than you may like or be comfortable with, but this can and will change with a little attention and effort on your part.  Just pay attention and be honest in your notes (you’re the only one who will see them)!

When I first did this, I was a little shocked at how much of this type of activity I engaged in without really paying much attention.  But, I made a conscious choice to change it and I am happy to report that I am much more aware when it starts happening and I either change the topic or I extricate myself from the conversation.  (We can only change ourselves.)  It is now 3 full months since that experiment ended and I can honestly say that change is permanent.  I am more mindful of my own language and I take more responsibility for it. I still get caught up in some negative banter, but I recognize it and realize I will always have to pay attention. And best of all, I feel better!  We are all works-in-progress, as some people say, so it’s a good thing to be able to continue to grow and share those experiences with others.

Next week we will do a wrap-up of this experience and I will share my results with you.  Good luck with this and look at it as a learning experience and opportunity to know yourself better!   See you next week!

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