Language check-in

So, what are you noticing about your language usage?  Are you pretty positive in your language use?  Are you pretty negative in your language use?  This is NOT about judging, just awareness.  As you become more aware of how you think and talk about things, you may find you want to make some changes.

Reminder:  this week is just about increasing awareness so don’t feel that you need to try to change anything!  You Do Not Need to Make Any Changes right now.  Just pay attention, be honest, keep good notes for later and see what you discover.

In my humble opinion, good research is about discovering, not proving.  So, the goal here is to discover how you think and talk on a regular basis.  This impacts our relationships, attitudes, life in general.  Stay with us here, I know you can do it and I know it will be a good use of time.

Don’t forget to Smile today!

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