Watch Your Language!

Well, it’s week 3 already!  What have you noticed?  Seeing any small shifts?  I hope so and I know that I am.

So here’s the next leg of our journey: what kinds of words do you use most often during the course of your day?  Are they positively charged?  Are they negatively charged?  Are they neutral?  My guess is lots of both positive and negative, but maybe not as much neutral.

Each day, make a mental note about how you are talking to yourself and others. (Note: all human beings engage in self-talk).  What kinds of words are you using?  Do you use things such as always or never often?  How we talk greatly influences how we feel and we need to be more aware of our use of language.  I was first introduced to this idea when I studied Neurolinguistic Programming in graduate school.  Now I have also seen this discussed in other theories and contexts.  In December, I participated in an experiment with Catherine Behan and one of the “rules” was no griping, complaining or whining for 30 days.  I was intrigued and signed on and I am very glad I did it! (Check out her blog/website, she’s gives some great insights!)

At this point, I don’t want you do change anything, I just want you to become aware of how you use language each day and once you become more aware of What you are saying, you will become more aware of How those words are affecting you.

This week, at the end of each day, make some short notes of what language/words you found yourself using quite frequently.  Were they positive words or negative words in the majority? Do this for 7 days.  I’m guessing that at the end of the week you may notice some subtle changes in the language you are using and all you did was pay attention and keep some notes!

Please note that we are at week 3, there’s only one more week in this particular set of activities.  At the end of each week, you can stop doing them or you can continue them and just add the new activity.  There will be shifts either way.  Good luck with this and see you next week!

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