Default Living

Both personally and professionally, it is important to be aware of how we are living.  Are you living with intention or are you living on the default setting?  Do you follow the same routine each day, both at work and at home?  Don’t misunderstand me here, I am not saying that the routine itself is the problem.  It’s only when it’s on default that it can become problematic.

I define default as just going through each day without really being aware of what is going on or how it impacts you until something really good (or bad) happens.  Then we are suddenly and momentarily very aware of how something impact us.  Until some time passes and then we return to the default setting and go back to living without intention.

Another way to put it is living on autopilot.  Do you ever think, or say, “I feel like I’m on autopilot”?  Many of us have had that thought, or voiced it out-loud because we get into a particular groove (or rut depending on your view) and we keep doing the same things day-in and day-out.  And we start to feel some discontent with our lives.

That discontent may take the form of boredom, anger, depression, or other not so pleasant emotions.  We may feel that we have no control over our lives and that it will never get better.  Have you ever thought or heard, “this is just the way it is” with a sense of resignation?  But, what if it can get better and what if we can have some management beyond what we may have been doing to direct our own lives?

Here is Step 1:  Pay attention!!!  Don’t get up ever day and treat it as if it is exactly the same as the day before.  Look at what is going on around you and start to notice what is the same, but also what the differences are.  Some of the differences may seem subtle at first, but if you continue this practice for a couple of weeks, the differences will become more obvious and more in focus.  Once you get the information, then you can make use of it.  Notice some things you might like to do differently and give them a try!  If it isn’t working as you thought, go back to the way it was before.  Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

There is also the option of doing what you have been doing and not changing anything.  That too is a perfectly fine choice!  Instead of changing what you are doing, change how you think and/or feel about it.  You still have to notice your feelings and then redirect them into a more desirable feeling, but this can be done with a little effort and will also impact the quality of your days and your life.

Give one of these two options a try and see what you notice.  Heck, go for broke and try both of them and stick with the one that feels the best.  We will continue this discussion in the next post.  Have a great day!  And, pay attention out there!

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