People-watching Part II

In my previous blog, I talked about the unintended knowledge I gained when I visited a casino to observe behavior in others.  Well, this time, I will talk about that.

Now, I like to go to a casino and play once in awhile.  I don’t spend a lot, but I go to have some fun.  I know going in that I am not likely to make money, but that’s not why I am there.  I have often wondered about what motivates people to go often and gamble, sometimes more than they should, and yet they keep on going.

I won’t relive the entire story, but there was a lady who was losing, and yet she continued to put money in the same machine.  She eventually commented that “this machine is going to give me back my money.” or something along those lines.  I noticed throughout the time I was there that many people were playing different games and did not seem to be having fun.  They were spending more and more and didn’t seem to be any happier.  I also noticed that people who were winning some didn’t get much encouragement from the people around them. It seemed as though, those other folks were upset by someone else’s small victories.

Ultimately, I did meet and see some people who were actually having fun and were encouraging those around them to have fun, but these were the exceptions, not the rules.  Why do people spend time and money at a place that they don’t seem to be enjoying?  I didn’t find the answer to that question, but it did raise more awareness and appreciation that when I do things like that (go to a casino, club, whatever), I am able to have fun and limit myself so that I am not regretting anything when I leave.

I have nothing against gaming, as long as it remains a game and doesn’t become a problem.  If people are doing something they don’t enjoy, I hope they recognize it and stop! I encourage people to not allow any behavior to become a habit that we feel we have little to no control over. Live life intentionally, not on default!

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