The Theory of Life

This is an important area for all of us.  Did you know that you have a theory of life?  We all do and we use it everyday.  We start creating our theory of life from birth on and we add to it and adjust it as we go along.  When we are babies, we pay attention and we develop ideas that the world is ________ (safe, dangerous, fun, fill-in-the-blank) and this is where it starts.

Then, as we get a little older,  we begin to make decisions about how we see the world and how the world sees us (or at least, how we think the world sees us).  From these experiences and observations, we create our own unique theory of life.  Yet, most of us have no idea that we even have a theory.  If we do realize we have a theory, we often don’t know how much of our theory is truly what we believe and how much is what other people have told us to believe.  If we take on what other people tell us, we make it ours and we continue to follow that belief.

So here’s what I invite you do:

  1. Get some paper and title it “My Theory of Life”.
  2. Write down what you believe your life SHOULD be like. (i.e. what should you be doing, where should you be living,  relationships, etc.) Take a little time with this because it is important to this process.
  3. Once you complete the above, write down what your life is actually like right now.
  4. Compare the two to determine what your theory of life actually is.  You will see if you are living the life you believe you want or living the life you think you’re supposed to be living based on what others believe. (Others include family, friends, society, etc.

Once you have completed this short exercise, then you have the option to continue on the current path or you can choose to make changes.  Each of us gets to be ultimately in charge of what our lives look like and how they turn out.  And the fun part is that we can change it whenever we decide to change it!!

Try this and have fun with it.  I have done it and I learned a lot about myself. I have even had clients do it when they are unsure which way to go next.  Life is an adventure and an ongoing learning opportunity.  Maximize your time and your enjoyment!

See you later!

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