Spring is the Season for Fresh Starts

Have you noticed that lots of people change jobs in the spring?  Realtors say more people buy houses/move in the spring than in any other single season.  And many of us still engage is spring cleaning (getting rid of old stuff and letting in fresh air after the closed up winter.)  It would appear that spring is truly a time for renewal.

Whenever people start thinking about new projects or opportunities, there is a process that most of us engage in before we do anything.  First, we decide we might want to make a change.  Then we start considering the possibilities of change.  Then we start looking around to see what’s out there in the area we are considering that may help us make a final decision.  We also contemplate all the possible outcomes we can think of if we proceed.

Once you go through this process, then we decide to move to step 2, making a decision to move forward!  Think of all the energy expended just in the first step just to decide to decide!  Many people realize they engage in this “overthinking” process, but many others do it and don’t even realize this is what they are doing.  And in the step 1 phase, many people get frustrated and just give up!

Consider this:  if you are wanting to start something new or change something around, WRITE IT DOWN ON PAPER!  Use your hands and actually write it down and then read it, put it away and look at it again in a few days.  This activity will actually help you stop the endless loop of thinking/rethinking and give you a different way to process the information.

After you have written it down, read it, give it some time, and read it again, your mind will process it differently and you will be better able to decide to proceed or let it go (at least for now).  When it comes to implementing change in our life, we can always come back to it later!  No decision is truly final because we always have the ability/gift to change it again.

Play with this technique and see if it helps.  If you want to share your results, I encourage you to comment here or contact me at beaconprofessionalcounseling.com and let me know how it’s going.

Until we meet again, have a great day!


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