Contemplating New Directions?

In life, everyone has the choice to keep going the same direction they have been or choose a new direction to try.  Whether it’s coaching clients or counseling clients, or even in my own life, there are just times when we need to take inventory and decide, “do I keep going this way or is it time for a new direction?”

Change can be a challenge.  I have often heard that change is hard.  I disagree.  Change itself is not hard, but our fear, resistance, unwillingness, (choose your own) to make change is why it seems hard.  Even when we truly believe we are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make a change, something seems to get in the way.  I had a client say to me recently, “I’m not going to make any more appointments.  It’s not you, I just didn’t know this was going to be so hard and so much work.” Sometimes people simply cannot believe that change is possible.  But is that the case for everyone?

NO!  Some people decide to change course, seemingly on a whim, and they do it!  Some of my clients come to me and we work on some “course corrections” and they implement them and move on.  I had a different client recently say to me, “This almost seems too easy.  I would have done it sooner if I had known it would be this easy.” Ahhh..the opposite end of the spectrum.

It’s the same for me in my life.  I have changed my mind several times about blogging.  Should I?  Shouldn’t I?  Do I have anything to say that will benefit others?  Then one day, I just jumped in and decided that things will go the way that they go and I will be fine with whatever happens. Once I let go of everything but my choice to do it, it got easier.  Where is this leading?

Well, over the years I have noted that how easy (or difficult) it is to make a change depends on where that person is, mentally and emotionally, as they enter into the change process.  When people are open and truly at the junction of “something has to change”, they seem to make the changes a bit more easily. (More on this in a future blog!)  When people are still at the place of not seeing how change will really benefit them or not ready to take full responsibility for the changes, then change is hard work and a chore.

If or when you consider making some sort of change in your life, start by taking an inventory of where you truly are in relation to the change you want to make. (“Am I truly ready to do whatever it takes to make this change” or similar ponderings will guide you.)  This will give you a much better idea if this is the time to attempt it or if you need a little more time before your ready.

Have a great day!

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