Changing Course

When I first started this blog, my “target” audience was professionals in the healing/helping professions.  As I have been doing the blog, I have had a number of people view and comment on it who are not in this particular field.  This is awesome because it reminds me that sometimes the road we go down is a great starting point, but we will come to a fork in the road and we need to change course.  I read once that pilots are always adjusting their course in a long flight.  In life, we are always making adjustments too.  So, here is an adjustment that I am making.

This blog is going to focus more on topics that we can all use to improve the quality of our lives, work/personal/spiritual, and, let’s face it, as a professional in a helping profession (or any other profession), the better we are personally, the better we can perform professionally.

Starting this month, the information on the blog will be information that I intend to assist whoever reads it in making their lives better in whatever way they desire.  There will be blogs on leadership, spirituality, abundance, achievement and change.

My business is Beacon Professional Counseling and I have always had an affinity for lighthouses.  They shine a beacon to help light the way for ships to avoid the rocks and get safely to shore.  I told a friend of mine recently, “a really good lighthouse can’t stop a ship from hitting the rocks if the captain ignores the warnings.”  We all get in our own way from time to time and I am hoping that I can share some light to help light the way for others in their journey through life.

I invite you to join me on this journey of exploration, sharing, and fun!  Life is supposed to be fun, despite what we may believe.

Have a great day and I’m excited about the change!

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