Taking Inventory

If you want to start a practice of your own, I strongly suggest you take an inventory.  Of what?  Well, what are your skills and what are you bringing to the table to offer to your clients?  What kind of clients are you hoping to attract?  How long can you go before you will have financial issues?  What kind of support system do you have? Are you a good self-starter who is also good at finishing projects?

These are only a few of the questions you would, hopefully, be asking if you want to work for a private practice.  Even if you are looking at joining an existing practice, you will still be creating your own income and you need to ask good questions there also.  For example, what is the percentage of income you will need to contribute to the practice group and what does that include?  Are there any specific requirements on scheduling?

In an upcoming post, I will discuss the importance of a variety of income streams in maintaining a viable practice.

In the beginning, we should be asking lots of questions and gathering information in order to make a choice that fits us best.  Prepare first, jump later!  This is the closest you can get to making sure you’re in the best position to be successful!


Good luck!

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