How will this year go?

I have found over the years that when my clients (or friends) talk about the new year, they seem to be setting the stage for what it to come.  If we look forward with hope and intention, we can make many good things happen.  If we look forward with fear, defeat, (fill-in the negative), we seem to get more of that also!

What do you  want 2017 to look like in December?  What do you want to look back and remember?  What do you want to be proud of accomplishing or doing?  Now is the time to make some decisions and set the intention to see those things happen!

One of my clients told me she was choosing a word to focus on this year.  I have heard many other people talk about this concept ( I even saw it on a television show) and I think it is a wonderful idea.

My word is calm.  I want to feel more calm and peace this year.  I have found that when I am calmer, I make better decisions and don’t get knocked down so easily.  A friend of mine chose intentional.  She wants to be more intentional in how she goes through every day.

Choose a word and see what happens!

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