Let’s have some fun!

In the winter months, it is important to remember to have fun.  Fun in your personal life and fun in your professional life.  I always try to incorporate something fun in my therapy sessions.  People are more open and retain more when they are having fun in the process.

Sometimes, I will sit down with my adult clients and we will play a game.  At first, they may seem a little put off (games are for kids), but once we get past that, then they are enjoying themselves and it is a mood boost for them and me!  Sometimes, we color together.  This has taken on a new meaning with all the adult coloring books that are available and that coloring is being seen as a excellent stress reducer. (Most of us figured that out when we were kids, but we may have forgotten along the way!)  So when I bring out a kid’s coloring book, I will, again, sometimes get resistance but once we get going, it becomes fun and they relax and enjoy it.  ( I explain that these pictures fit the time constraints better and it makes sense.)

The bottom line here is that I have found people are more talkative and more open when they are relaxed and playing games!  It is a simple thing, but a very meaningful thing to people.  How many adult clients do we see who have issues that started in childhood?  Even if that isn’t the case, appealing to that inner child (where a lot of resistance seems to hide) is not a bad place to go once in awhile.  It offers a new twist to both client and provider and also allows us to meet on some common ground.

So remember, no matter the season, there’s always a reason to have some fun!





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