Why did you get into this field?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I doing?” because you’re feeling frustrated?  I always suggest to others in this area that they go back and recall what got them into the behavioral health profession in the first place.

If you got into this field to “make a lot of money”, then you may find out that you can make a good living, but that lot of money idea can seem illusive.  You have to work many years to move up the ladder in a company/agency, etc.  You have to work long enough to have some credibility if you’re writing “the book” that will put you on the map.  Making a lot of money is a fine goal, but probably not the best reason to be in this field.

If you got into this field to “be the expert”, then you may find this comes with a great deal of responsibility that you didn’t initially expect or sign on for when you started.  It is sounds great to be the expert, but then you also are responsible for the client’s improvement (or lack thereof) because you have all their answers.  This is a short road to burnout and frustration.

If you got into this field to help others, then remember that your part of helping others is to allow them to take the road they are comfortable with.  That may not always be the road we would like them to take, but they have to live with the outcome, we don’t.  If you remember to support, listen and suggest, without being tied to them hanging on your every suggestion, you will do fine.  We are helping others to improve their lives and they, ultimately, have to be responsible for that outcome.  We can only help them, we can’t do it for them.

Take a quick inventory and remember why you got into this field in the first place.  It may help you feel better about where you are now.

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