What have You done for YOU lately?

The purpose of this blog is to provide support for other people in the behavioral health field.  Most of us have gone in to this area because we have an innate desire to help others.  Sadly, that often means we don’t take good care of ourselves.

Do you tend to put your clients, family, job, etc. before yourself?  While that’s an honorable idea, it doesn’t work in reality.  If you are always giving to others, taking care of others and not yourself, eventually you will not have much to give to anyone!

It doesn’t require a ton of time, or even money, to care for yourself.  Meditate, spend time on a hobby, give yourself a treat.  Small things add up to big dividends!  While this is true for all people, it is especially true for counselors, social workers, case managers, etc. because we are involved in other people’s problems as our vocation.  This makes it imperative to make sure we take care of ourselves!

If you want to be the best person/professional you can be, then make sure you give yourself some much needed time and care!  Namaste!

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