Focus Pocus

Several years ago, I became somewhat frustrated with the idea that we should focus on a single theory and become an expert in that one area.  I always found that this approach limited the number of clients I could help, because my skills were primarily in one theoretical approach and no single approach works for every person.

So I began to study other approaches and techniques and integrating them into my practice.  Currently, I am using a combination of tools from Client-Centered, Cognitive, Solution Focused and working with people’s faith beliefs.  I have dubbed this approach Focus Pocus.

Both clients and therapists need to be very aware of where their focus is placed, the language that is used, and the beliefs we are living with and by in our lives.  Over the next few posts, I will elaborate on some of these topics and hopefully we will get a dialogue going on what works and doesn’t work for both clients and therapists.

In the meantime, please consider this:  where is your focus?  Personally and professionally, what are you focused on and what do you wish to accomplish in both of those areas?  Sometimes, we are on autopilot and don’t really know where we are heading.  Take a few moments, right now, sit down and write down where you are and where you want to be (or thought you would be) at this time.  This is also something you can have clients do to get them thinking about things in a general way which can be less threatening to people.

Once you do that, then you can formulate what the next steps could be in order to move you (or your clients) into a more positive direction.


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